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Trump Very Impressed With ‘Honorable’ Kim Jong-Un, Not So Impressed With Macron’s ‘Dandruff’, Iranian Devils

"I think, from everything we're seeing", that the world is ending.

Well, another day, another series of cringe-worthy soundbites and photo ops from a man who has managed, in the short space of 15 months, to forever tarnish the reputation of the highest office on the planet.

It’s gotten to the point where those of us who are fortunate enough to be in a position where nothing Trump does has the potential to materially affect us don’t even care anymore, but to the rest of you, I truly am sorry.

The President is of course meeting with France’s Emmanuel Macron (who defeated an actual Nazi in a landslide just over a year ago) this week and on Tuesday, Trump decided to assert his dominance by accusing Macron of having dandruff. 


In case it isn’t clear enough (and it is), that is so wildly inappropriate that one struggles to find the right words to communicate the absurdity, but suffice to say that’s the kind of thing you do when you want to compare dick sizes but you know your dick is probably smaller.

He also called the Iran nuclear deal “insane” and “ridiculous”, before noting for the thousandth time that he thinks “it should never have been made.” As a reminder, Macron is attempting to persuade this moron not to throw caution to the wind on May 12 by renewing sanctions. There were other characteristically absurd soundbites from Trump, like this one:

Iran seems to be behind everywhere there is a problem. They’re testing missiles. What is that all about?

It’s about testing missiles. Any other questions?

Of course it’s not like there isn’t room for a change of heart, because in a testament to just how dementia-ridden that “very good brain” of his truly is, Trump said this about Kim:


Got that? So Kim, who just six months ago was “short, fat Little Rocket Man” and whose country Trump was going to wipe off the map with a preemptive nuclear strike is now “I think very honorable.”

If you ask me, “I think” the President isn’t in full possession of his faculties and “I think, from everything we’re seeing”, it would be best if maybe we invoke the 25th Amendment before this goes any further off the rails with consequences that will echo for eternity, a time frame which very well might be shortened materially in proportion to how long it takes to convince Trump’s inner circle that allowing him to play President is an increasingly untenable proposition.



3 comments on “Trump Very Impressed With ‘Honorable’ Kim Jong-Un, Not So Impressed With Macron’s ‘Dandruff’, Iranian Devils

  1. PaulMiller

    Trump is goin’ down due to his ties to Russian oligarchs. His complex business deals, schemes, and influence pedaling are better documented than Russian hackers and their influence on the election.

  2. Like it or not, Kim Jong-Un and N.Korea have proven to be first and foremost a survivor.

    In contrast to the criminal fiasco in Syria, you won’t dare launch as much as a single pop gun shot anywhere near N.Korea for fear they’d detonate enough hydrogen nuclear weapons on your doorstep to render the homeland a radioactive lifeless wasteland for the next several thousand years.

    That’s the key to survival and being called “honorable” rather than an “animal”.

  3. Anonymous

    What’s going to happen to the WH staff when they can no longer get their meds from Ronny.

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