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Michael Cohen May Represent Himself While Wearing A Sofa Blazer And Smoking A Cuban

"Stop it, dude! You’re killing us."

By Five Dollar Feminist as originally published over at Wonkette and reposted here with permission  Before we get to rounding up all the Michael Cohen news from the past three days, can we just ask WHAT THE HELL IS HE WEARING HERE? That jacket is a war crime! Who thinks, “I’m going to appear on the front page of every paper in the country smoking big cigars with my friends who DEFINITELY don’t look like the cast of Goodfellas while the judge demands to know where I am (not there!). I should wear that blazer that looks like my granddad’s BarcaLounger!” Okay, movin’ on! There’s a lot of Michael Cohen bullshit to get through before he shows up in court again this afternoon, so let’s hit it quick. We’re Back to the Taint Team A week ago, Michael Cohen got KNOCK-KNOCK-MOTHERFUCKERED at his home, office, and hotel by the FBI, who scooped up all his dirty laundry and took it to a secure facility for a sniffing. The normal procedure is for the the FBI to employ a team of investigators called the Taint Team (aka Filter Team) to go over evidence seized from an attorney and weed out documents covered by attorney-client privilege, before turning it over to invest
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1 comment on “Michael Cohen May Represent Himself While Wearing A Sofa Blazer And Smoking A Cuban

  1. Spunky McGregor says:

    Hey H, I’m sure you’ll have something to say about it later, but I am reading elsewhere that Cohen was also an attorney for Mr. Sean Hannity. Now, I’m not familiar with the works of this man, but I hear he is in journalism. I think it’s refreshing when a sitting President of the United States and a journalist, a representative of my nation’s fourth estate, have the very same attorney. I think it says a great deal about how even the common man can aspire to hiring the same skilled lawyer as our CIC to help guide him through today’s litigious civil environment. I think that…

    What? What did you just say? Wait, you mean the President of the United States’ attorney also represents the man who pushed the idea that another sitting President was a Muslim on national television? The same Sean Hannity that gas-lit juvenile trauma survivors of a school shooting? The same Sean Hannity that said that same-sex marriage was a plot to destroy Christian businesses?

    I guess being a dipshit has its own special gravity.


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