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White House Says Trump ‘Concerned’ About The Stock Market ‘Losing Any Value’

Apparently, the White House is “concerned” about the stock market rout.

As you’re aware, President Donald Trump is pretty pleased with what candidate Donald Trump called “a big fat ugly bubble.” Never forget this:

What can you say? “He was right.”


Of course nowadays, he’s under investigation for collusion (which is a nice word for “high treason”) and also for trying to obstruct the investigation into said high treason, so he really – really – needs that “bubble” to hold up, because if it “comes crashing down” well then it’s not entirely clear what he’s going to be able to point to when someone asks him to explain how exactly it is that his presidency isn’t a total fucking train wreck.

That’s why he’s spent so much time tweeting about the stock market over the past nine months and also why he decided to tell Sean Hannity that “in one sense” rising stock prices decrease the national debt (that of course isn’t true in any sense, but you know, “while we’re just makin’ shit up”).

Given all of that, it should come as no surprise that Trump is monitoring the situation on Wall Street pretty closely. Here’s CNBC:


As Javers notes there, this is a White House that is concerned about the stock market “to an unusual degree.” Part of that is due to Trump’s insistence on adopting “how’s your 401k doin’?” as one of his new campaign slogans.

Given that, you’d think someone would tell the President that a technical U.S. default would be a catastrophe for markets and therefore, he should at least make an effort when it comes to reconciling with Congressional Democrats but you know, this is Trump we’re talking about, so….

Nothing further.