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A Furious Trump Freaks Out On ‘Little’ Adam Schiff, Says Comey, Brennan, Clapper All Out To Get Him

Welcome to Monday and as you know, we’re staring down another government shutdown.

The government is funded through Thursday and as detailed here on Sunday evening, none of the major issues at hand are even close to settled. Additionally, there’s the debt limit. Here’s The Hill with the barebones basics:

Lawmakers are also approaching another deadline to raise the debt ceiling. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Wednesday said the Treasury Department will most likely run out of cash in the first half of March if Congress doesn’t raise or suspend the debt limit before then.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin asked Congress to lift the debt ceiling as soon as possible before March 1. Congress had suspended the debt limit though Dec. 8, but the ceiling was reinstated after that. Since the debt limit has been reinstated, the Treasury Department has been using “extraordinary measures” that allow it to continue to borrow funds for a short period of time.

“If Congress thinks it needs until March 23 to address spending, immigration, it’s uncertain whether it will be able to muster support for a longer-term debt ceiling fix by the end of February,” Wrightson ICAP’s Lou Crandall writes in a new note, adding that “with the spending bill having leapfrogged the early-March debt ceiling deadline, we cannot rule out the possibility that Congress might decide to punt on the borrowing-authority bill later this month as well.”

So that’s fun, right?

Given these rather pressing circumstances, you can be sure that the President is on high alert and understands the importance of reaching across the aisle to fostering bipartisan goodwill on the way to coming up with a solution that works for everyone and avoids a catastrophe…

I’m just kidding. He’s up early on Twitter making up nicknames for people and positing conspiracy theories again. Here’s the President:

Of course Schiff is the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, and he’s been very vocal about his displeasure with the process for releasing the Nunes memo.

This latest Trump social media tantrum likely relates to Schiff’s appearance on ABC’s “This Week” when he said, among other things, that the memo doesn’t in any way vindicate Trump and that in fact, it (accidentally) proves that the investigation has merit.

“What the memo indicates is the investigation didn’t begin with Carter Page, it actually began with George Papadopoulos, someone who was a foreign policy adviser for candidate Trump and someone who was meeting secretly with the Russians and talking about the stolen Clinton e-mails,” Schiff said, adding that “quite to the contrary, even this very flawed memo demonstrates what the origin of the investigation was and that origin involved the issue of collusion.”

Here are some other clips:

Just to be clear, what Trump’s Monday morning tweet suggests is that sooner or later, his efforts to obstruct the Russia probe and his increasingly desperate attempts to play down what looks like a looming obstruction charge, are going to end up completely undermining Congress’s ability to get anything done, up to and including keeping the government open and avoiding a technical U.S. default.

So you know, don’t say you weren’t warned.