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Trump Says ‘Trump’ Vindicated By Memo, Blasts ‘American Disgrace’, Talks About ‘Sacred Cows’

Well, the Devin Nunes “memo” was a dud.

And you know the funny thing about that is, I can say that in a dispassionate way because although I’m most assuredly in the camp that thinks Devin Nunes might end up in a whole lot of legal trouble one day and although I also firmly believe that one way or another, the Trump presidency is going to go down in flames, I was actually hoping for a bit more out of “the memo” just so I could sit back and enjoy watching the accompanying Right-wing hysteria.

But alas, that hysteria is now doomed to be some semblance of feigned, because there really wasn’t much in that memo and if it did anything, it underscored the idea that the probe was in fact well underway before the Carter Page FISA “abuses” Nunes alleges.


Attempts to analyze the FISA technicalities aside, the takeaway from the document was clear. Implicated in this allegedly nefarious plot are all the people you’d expect to implicated given what it is Trump’s trying to do. In fact, it almost seems like he could have sent Nunes a list of people who he wanted named because there’s Comey, McCabe, Yates, and Rosenstein.

Only one of those people hasn’t yet been fired or otherwise forced out and that person is Rosenstein who just happens to be overseeing the Mueller probe. Imagine that. And here’s what Trump said when a reporter asked him this morning if he still had confidence in Rosenstein:

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Yes, “you’ll figure it out.”

So basically, he’s going to try and use that damn memo to get rid of Rosenstein and put someone else in charge of the Mueller probe and you can bet whoever that someone else ends up being will “figure out” a reason to curtail or else shut it down altogether.

Sure enough, on Saturday morning, Trump took to Twitter to give America a little preview of what’s coming. To wit:

Now for one thing, it isn’t at all clear why Trump is referring to himself in the third person and even if he wants to go that route, it’s not clear why the word “Trump” is in scare quotes. The silliness there wasn’t lost on the headline writers from the major wires:

But even if you can get past the inherent absurdity there, he’s incorrect to say that “obstruction” is “the word now used because” no one could find evidence of “collusion.”

The word “obstruction” is “the word now used” because “now”, it’s pretty goddamn clear that he tried to obstruct the investigation into that same “collusion” and hilariously, it seems to be entirely lost on Trump that the memo itself is still more evidence of the ongoing effort to obstruct the probe.

But you know, this is Trump (or I guess it goes in quotes now, so “Trump”), we’re talking about, so what do you expect? Irony isn’t his strong suit and neither is nuance.

Of course no Saturday morning “Trump” Twitter tantrum would be complete without a reference to poll numbers (especially Rasmussen poll numbers), so we got this too:

Yes, higher than “certain sacred cows.”

The takeaway here, to the extent there is one other than he’s fucking nuts, is that as of this morning Trump is still President.

“So why does” Congress “refuse” to correct this?

“Oh well, someday!”