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BEHOLD! ‘The Memo’

"You'll figure it out".

"You'll figure it out".
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8 comments on “BEHOLD! ‘The Memo’

  1. As a former FISA “expert”, I’ll tell you that expertise has zero relevance to the situation at hand…and that if you want to talk about a big fat “nothing burger”–this is it.

    The irony is that this President has now released more classified material/intelligence in his first year than HRC did…her emails were not TS…they were “confidential”, and secret noforn at most…

    This guy…

    • You are going to make Mr. Big angry with all this talk!

    • Natasha Fatale
      who really give sh&^%%.
      the chances of him finishing his term are slim.
      he won’t get a second term. the market and poor people will see to that.
      our .gov is corrupt.
      the joke is on the american people.
      and now we are discovering it.
      like all empires (DM markets) politics will end it all, well that and the bond guys/gals.
      just a quote from a VC conference in early 2016.
      but hay–all i care about is being on the right side of the trade.
      good luck to you anyway.

  2. So, when and who will eventually yank this total fruitcake out of the WH? In his stupid speech yesterday to his GOP idiots – did you see him introduce Cornyn, look at him and speak directly to him … then a few names later he was astonished that Cornyn’s name had been omitted and wondered how that happened — better to see it, here, watch:

    What the hell is it doing to take to get rid of him !? A world disaster?

    • Somebody needs to fact-check Dr. Ronny Jackson’s credentials or his childrens’ bank accounts in light of the ludicrous press conference Ronny gave singing the praises of Trump’s world greatest health as if he were Vic Tanny!!

      • I took that information/diagnosis to my doctor and asked for a re-evaluation of my chart — she suggested to go see Dr. Ronny.

        The people inside the WH are all corrupt, some before they arrived there and some since they arrived there! (I had to ask Google who the hell is Vic Tanny) LOL

        Now there is a horrible attack ad against Rod Rosenstein – just shown by Jake Tapper. Absolutely unbelievable how far this has gone.

  3. i just hope it all really blows up–kind of like fat rocket boy!
    that is funny–come on–admit it–hahaha.

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