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Here’s What Wall Street Thinks About The Government Shutdown

The government isn't working.

The government isn't working.
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10 comments on “Here’s What Wall Street Thinks About The Government Shutdown

  1. Marty says:

    Let’s not waste time with he #TrumpShutdown or #SchumerShutdown.

    What we need is to #ShutdownTrump.

  2. Lance Manly says:

    Note on the list of shutdowns that none started later than December. This one is in mid January, and if the rumors are true we could get a chance of another one in Feb. That would be 4 months after the government was supposed to be funded. What does that tell you about the ability to deal with the debt limit a month from then. And the debt limit does matter to the markets.

  3. Murphy says:

    It will always be like this with trump — think back to Feb, July and September 2017 and his comments and fights over healthcare! “It’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

    Google that sentence and read all the posts from MSNBC, CNN, Politico, Guardian, NBC, WaPo, Newsweek, Washtington Times, NYMagazine, Vox (not Fox!) and btw, not any posts on this subject by Fox….gee, wonder why? Just change the subject matter and it’s still the same bullshit.

    Here’s the ONE TRUTH — Trump is an idiot. He is a know-nothing schoolyard bully that was allowed to grow up into an adult bully – uneducated, untrained, unacceptable in society. Send him back to his whores and clean up the stink he leaves behind in the WH and do it NOW.

  4. Mr. Lucky says:

    In our family business, any employee missing three days work without a valid excuse was automatically terminated. Sounds good to me. Here’s another thought, starting at the moment of shutdown every one in the White House and in Congress, including all their aides and staff is on unpaid leave. Moreover, since we citizens can’t get those lost hours back, they don’t get their pay back. I like the first approach better. Actually, I’d like to see all these bozos laid off for the rest of the year. They can spend the down time reading the US Code since none of them ever has and none has any idea what the existing law they’re messing with actually is. Also, best cure: nobody in office on this day can run in the next election. That might be really interesting.

    • Marty says:

      “The government isn’t working.”

      For Republicans having a shutdown means government is working, as they have been trying to close down the Departments of Education, Labor and Energy forever, as well as the IRS, EPA, and whole host of other government services. They prefer that government doesn’t work. So much of what they do is designed to cripple the operation of government by filling critical posts with unskilled personnel (i.e., hacks) or by not filling critical posts, or by underfunding departments, or gutting departments. They don’t want smaller government; they want to use government as an arm of the rich for their purposes.

      The reason they don’t want DACA kids here or people from shithole countries or why they work so hard suppressing the vote is because on the whole they are racists and bigots and perceive that such people end up voting for the democrats (I don’t understand why?). Since they are bereft of goodness and open hearts all they possess in their strategic playbook is to do harm to others.

      Let’s face it. In every population there will be a demographic that is anti-immigrant, anti-colored, anti-all-ancestries-but-theirs, and-everything-but-them. When those emotions and feelings rise to the top of the list for that demographic, there is nothing their elected leaders can do that’s wrong which will shake them from supporting the likes of Trump, Cotton, Perdue, and the rest of them. When I watch talking heads vent their frustration as to why Republicans don’t do anything about Trump racism, etc., I’m confounded by the l heads’ lack of recognition that many of those Republicans and their constituents share Trump’s views. Trump and the Republicans have given voice to the racism and bigotry that lives in America.

      It’s up to those who do not share those views to vote them out of control.

      It’s as simple as that.

  5. Jamal James says:

    Both Republicans and Democrats in congress know that Trump is a waffling idiot. Democrats are happy to blame Trump; he’s an easy target and blaming him and the #ShitholeShutdown doesn’t hurt a deal they will have to cut with congressional Republicans. The heart of the problem is within congressional Republicans. Cotton, Purdue, King, Sanford, etc. don’t want legal immigration much less any DACA deal that can be called amnesty. Republicans are perfectly capable of putting legislation in front of Trump with little help from the white house. Just look at the carried interest loophole on the tax cut bill. Cohn, Short, and Trump wanted it gone. Republicans just laughed and went back to finishing the deal with various lobbyists, knowing Trump would sign whatever they put on his desk.

  6. Murphy says:

    Seems like it is one more step undermining our Democracy, thanks to trump’s russian ruler’s great plan. Get rid of trump and poof, problem solved — now vote the rest of those bastards out of office!

    I still send my thoughts via emails to my state leaders (? joke!) Cruz and Cornyn at least once a month, more often if they really piss me off! Take a minute, get your emails out regularly and show up at the polls!

  7. NA says:

    To be honest it’s probably better this way. The less the Trump Administration is active, the better off the USA will be. Take the drunk driver out of the driver’s seat, you know?

    • Murphy says:

      I understand your theory but it is not reasonable nor logical for our government to not be operating – too many necessary functions are missing in addition to people who are required to work are not being paid. Using your analogy, you have actually removed only the vehicle the drunk was driving.

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