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Trump Foments Iran Revolution, Posits Deep State Conspiracy, Shouts Out Rocket Man, Takes Credit For Lack Of Airplane Deaths, Demands Respect From NYT In Marvelously Schizophrenic String Of Non Sequiturs

Boy, oh boy. Donald Trump is on a roll on Tuesday morning.

In what I can only assume is a sign that when it comes to presidential tweeting, 2018 is set to be every bit as insane as 2017, the President served up a steaming-hot mug of egregious “covfefe” on the first work day of the new year.

The sheer scope of this morning’s manic social media diatribe is truly something to behold. Having apparently overdosed on Fox & Friends in the predawn hours, Trump kicked things off by doing his best to foment a revolution in Iran on the way to blaming Obama for indirectly funding terrorism and alleging that the Iranian people are starving to death:

Then, in what amounts to a complete non sequitur, he skips effortlessly to a rant about Huma Abedin which quickly devolves into a deep state conspiracy theory about his own Justice Department followed by the suggestion that James Comey and unidentified “others” should be thrown in jail:

About an hour later he was back at it, insisting that America “desperately” needs his border wall which, you’re reminded, currently amounts to 8 slabs of concrete gathering dust in the middle of the San Diego desert:

20 minutes after that, he name-dropped “little rocket man” because you know, you’ve gotta play the hits:

Exactly 5 minutes later, he literally tries to take credit for a decline in airplane-related deaths:

Then, in the grand finale, he launched into a truly ridiculous, shrieking critique of the New York Times – that would be the same New York Times that interviewed him less than a week ago:

Note that last bit where he refers to himself in the third person.

Nope, nothing crazy about any of that. Just the President of the United States spending the first three hours of the work week having a schizophrenic, self-aggrandizing meltdown.

Are you not entertained?