Cboe Website Crashes As Bitcoin Futures Start Trading

This is developing (in the truest sense of the term)...

Well, Bitcoin futures have claimed their first victim: the Cboe’s official website.

In what can only be described as a rather inauspicious start, the site is down for the most part and when it is accessible, it’s only intermittent.

“In the opening minutes late Sunday, January 2018-expiry bitcoin futures were $16,630 per bitcoin, up $1,170, with 60 contracts changing hands,” FT details, before adding that “the public-facing home page with pricing details on the new futures contracts was up for only minutes before the company’s website appeared to go offline completely for a brief period amid intense public interest in the derivatives’ potential impact.”


That said, this is apparently off to a half-decent start at the ground level:


Albeit a slow one:



Meanwhile, Bitcoin itself spiked a laughable $1,200 the minute futures started trading:


Twitter was ablaze about the Cboe…

This is developing (in the truest sense of the term).


6 comments on “Cboe Website Crashes As Bitcoin Futures Start Trading

  1. I just want to fast-forward to the crash so I can then try to identify whatever revolutionary crypto emerges from the ashes. The “Amazon emerging from the tech bubble ashes,” if you will. Keep it up, Heisy. I don’t have a Bloomberg so appreciate this real-time info.


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but futures buyers are pricing in >1% per month return on these futures contracts? I’m comparing the Jan 2018 at $16,050 and the Mar 2018 at $16,430, a roughly 2.2% difference over two months…

  3. It’s the bid/ask spread that’ll getcha!

  4. Did the makers accomodate shorts or longs. I think market makers likely went short.

  5. I think the iidiots in this futures market are all going to crush each other and all will go broke

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