Trump Calls LaVar Ball ‘Don King Without The Hair’, Renames Mar-A-Lago ‘Winter White House’

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Look, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. When you occupy that office, you have to make a concerted effort to remain above the proverbial fray. Because you know, you’ve got more important things to worry about than social media beefs with notorious media trolls.

Then again, the line gets blurred when you are yourself a notorious media troll. And it gets blurred even further when you take pride in defending your claim to the top spot on the list of the most notorious media trolls of all time.

So it wasn’t exactly surprising that Donald Trump turned a minor international incident into a publicity stunt last week, taking to Twitter to all but demand that three college freshmen he supposedly helped out of some hot water in China publicly thank him for his “efforts” even though when you’re President, securing the release of Americans held abroad for minor infractions (like say stealing a pair of sunglasses), is part of your job.


It also wasn’t surprising that Donald Trump fired back at LaVar Ball when he suggested that Trump had very little to do with freeing his son. Everyone was a bit surprised at how far Trump took it however, because it’s not very presidential to suggest that because a young man’s father doesn’t seem grateful enough, you should have left the son to rot in a Chinese prison for 10 years. But that’s exactly what Trump did – although the White House would later claim he “didn’t mean it.”

But all of that is in the past, and even though LaVar Ball gave a rather incendiary interview to CNN on Monday, you can rest assured that because it’s the holidays and because Donald Trump understands that it doesn’t reflect well on the office of the President when he engages further in absurd social media feuds, Trump will not be discussing the issue further, no matter what Ball says…………

I’m just kidding.

Donald Trump just called LaVar ball “a poor man’s Don King without the hair” and an “ungrateful fool”:


Note how Trump is once again hell-bent on making this all about him. In fact, he even throws his own State Department under the bus there on the way to putting “IT WAS ME” in all-caps, before suggesting that if it weren’t for “ME” Ball would be visiting his son in China during the holidays for the next “5-10 years.”

And if you thought that was absurd, here’s what he tweeted next:


That’s right America, he has now christened Mar-a-Lago “The Winter White House.”

Which I guess isn’t actually that surprising because after all, we also learned this week that Trump wine was being sold at a least one national park as recently as September.

Happy Thanksgiving, America!


37 comments on “Trump Calls LaVar Ball ‘Don King Without The Hair’, Renames Mar-A-Lago ‘Winter White House’

  1. “when you’re President, securing the release of Americans held abroad for minor infractions (like say stealing a pair of sunglasses), is part of your job”. WRONG. It’s called personal responsibility and those players were about to learn it the HARD way.

    I am no Trump fan. He does crazy stuff every day, but spending time and political capital to get those players out (who no doubt did not vote for him) was pretty selfless and presidential.

    The Trump bashing has reached a new low H. He’s right on this one…

    • go fuck yourself. and take your clicks with you while you do it.

    • “was pretty selfless and presidential”

      To start:

      His taking credit for their release was all about him
      and his selfish desire to be a hero, and in doing
      so was most unpresidential.

      To be clear:

      Trump is genetically unable to be selfless.
      Trump regales himself in not being presidential, i.e., “I’m not going to pivot.”

      There’s no bashing of Trump without a myriad of factual bases supporting
      the bashing of his conduct which concurrently risks the heatlh, safety and welfare
      of Americans and humanity of that matter.

      To write “I am no Trump fan,” while asserting his conduct
      “was pretty selfless and presidential,” is obviously bullshit
      in the first degree.

  2. Anonymous comment laughable. No fan but probably voted for him. Beyond that I’m just speechless. Have a nice Thanksgiving and take the day off.

    • and you know just to be clear, people are certainly free to be just as rude to me as I am to them.

      this is an equal opportunity platform for rudeness.

      but I’m always amused at these other popular blogs run by anonymous authors who never respond to commenters as though they are a news wire or as though they are actual reporters.

      i will gladly tell a reader to piss off when they say something stupid and they are free to gladly tell me the same. that’s how this works. it’s the internet.

      i say that because someone will construe my comment above as an effort to dissuade people from making pro-Trump comments. that’s not what i’m trying to communicate. what i’m trying to communicate is that if you leave a pro-Trump comment that is baseless (as that one is), well then I might on occasion tell you to go fuck yourself and take your clicks with you.

      doesn’t mean that person isn’t welcome at Heisenberg Report, just means that person isn’t *needed* at Heisenberg report.

      • Greg Pinelli

        Looks like Heisenberg had 2 large cans of Whoop Ass for breakfast…Of course, he is correct. We’d all be much better off than Hillary…we’d be involved in a couple more wars but what the’s all good.

        • We won’t have any wars or aggression under Trump.

          He’s amde America alies with all our enemies!!

          He has gotten most favored nation status with Russia. He just handed Syria over to Putin and it just took 90 minutes or less.

          He loves the Chinese, as they are no longer a threat to currency or our markets and they treat him so well. The Chinese love him, just ask him, and as long as they love him we can expect he’ll hand Taiwan over to them lickity split.

          If Kim wises up and starts complimenting Trump, throws a couple of 16 year olds Trump’s way, we’ll be out of harm’s way and we’ll all be happy.

          Before you know it, there’ll be 47 Trump Towers going up all over Russia, China and North Korea!!

          Peace will be breaking out all over the world!! We’ll all get along and just be friends!!

          Come on, Greg, sing with me!

          Two, one-two-three-four!
          Ev’rybody’s talking ’bout
          Trumpism, Moorism, Bannosim, Bagism, Shagism, Dragism,
          Madism, Ragism, Tagism
          This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          Hit it
          C’mon, ev’rybody’s talking about
          Ministers, sinisters, banisters and canisters
          Bishops and Fishops and Rabbis and Popeyes and bye-bye, bye-byes
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          Let me tell you now
          Ev’rybody’s talking ’bout
          Revolution, evolution, masturbation, flagellation, regulation, integrations
          Meditations, United Nations, congratulations
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          Ev’rybody’s talking ’bout
          John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary, Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan, Tommy Cooper
          Derek Taylor, Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg, Hare Krishna, Hare, Hare Krishna
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance
          All we are saying is give peace a chance

        • I am sure der Heisenberg would love to cans of Whoop Ass for breakfast, or better yet glasses. But the pancreas says no.

  3. Dan – you hit the nail on the head, voted for him for lack of a better a choice. I’m not pro-Trump.

    Let’s clear up what is baseless and laughable – I can only assume that in your book it’s OK to steal? And then It’s a coincidence that Trump was meeting with Xi Jingping that same week that these players get to fly home without a drawn out trial, prison sentence etc. On top of that it’s in the President’s job description to bail out every American who does something stupid overseas? Or is just these players/thiefs? Help me out with this guys. Explain why this is laughable, baseless and deserved a GFY.

    The guy did a solid thing, and as much as it may pain liberals to admit it, he helped these players out no doubt changing the course of their lives. He may act like a teenager wanting credit for it, but that does not inherently make the deed any less commendable.

    I certainly understand I’m not needed here, but civility is something needed. I appreciate all of the good information you put out H. Sorry you don’t appreciate my comments but hopefully you will consider there is alternate view to the simplistic bashing “If Trump does it, must be bad.”

    • “On top of that it’s in the President’s job description to bail out every American who does something stupid overseas?”

      yes, it is.

      we do not want college freshmen with promising NBA careers imprisoned in China for 10 years for stealing sunglasses. that’s fucking stupid. it’s the same way China wouldn’t want a promising future leader of the Party locked up in the U.S. for stealing an ice cream cone in New York. it doesn’t benefit anyone.

      additionally, no, those players did not need Donald Trump’s help. The Ball family was launching their brand in China and Hong Kong during the same week. Do you really think that Xi Jinping was going to create an international incident involving the younger brother of one of the biggest stars in the L.A. sports world over a pair of sunglasses?

      that is such a delusional proposition that it boggles the mind.

      sure, Trump might have expedited the process, but there is no way in hell that China was going to let this spiral out of control. It’s not North Korea. they’re not going to make a spectacle out of something just for the sake of making a spectacle out of it.

      • and let me just make one other point here.

        if you are any semblance of rational, you know that everything Trump does is idiotic in one way or another.

        similarly, if you’re being honest with yourself you damn well know that it was a giant mistake to put this man in the White House.

        there is no defending him. everything that comes out of his mouth is either a lie, an exaggeration, or proof that he is a complete buffoon.

        everyone knows this. most of his own party know this. he’s a standing international joke. there is no question about it. the entire world is laughing at America and it’s because of Donald Trump.

        the sooner you come to grips with that, the quicker the cognitive dissonance will dissipate.

        and see this is why i loved the Manafort and Gates indictment so much, because suddenly, there was no way around it for people. actual members of Trump’s campaign have been indicted for conspiring against the United States.

        next will be Flynn and then it will be Kushner. at a certain point it will become impossible to deny what’s going on in front of you.

        that’s the point when you will have to look yourself in the mirror and admit that you might have accidentally helped put an idiot in the White House and that it is at least possible that he and his entire family are in fact criminals who will be put in prison.

        finally: “but, but Hillary” doesn’t help you here. do you know why? because we’re not talking about Hillary. we’re talking about Trump.

        if someone breaks into your house, they do not get away with it on the excuse that other people have broken into houses before. so Donald Trump doesn’t get to use what Hillary Clinton might have done to exonerate himself for unrelated crimes. that logic makes no sense.

        • “he’s a standing international joke. there is no question about it. the entire world is laughing at America and it’s because of Donald Trump.”

          I can attest to this, we are laughing at America well we would be if we weren’t 1 General agreeing with tRump away from all dying in a nuclear fucking holocaust.

          Seriously though I know several people who have put off holidays / trips to the US because of the Orangutan in charge – most of them white too. I was going to visit my cousin who lives in Hoboken this summer but nah…. went to Portugal instead and jolly nice it was too.

          • If the entire world seeks to judge America, shall I’ll count on the world to collecitvely use it powers of discernment to recognize that a majority of Americans chose Hillary Clinton over this mongrol, and that it’s only via the fortuity of an archaic Electoral College that the Orangutan-in-charge presides today?

            Also, credit is due that during the last 12 months via empirical studies, we’ve now identified that of the remaining 30% that support Orangutan, Clinton was correct when she said “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”
            If the world wants to laugh at America because of Donald Trump, let them give us credit for identifying and outing our basket of deplorables.

            We have to find a pony in this pile of shit, don’t we?

            Hoboken v Portugal? Those are not choices: one is a consolation and the other is a first class prize.

          • Greg Pinelli

            Could you please provide the code for translating what you wrote…??

        • My, my aren’t we all in that good ole Thanksgiving spirit today. Heard an interesting discussion today on Tom Hartman. It revolved around the idea that Mr. Mueller has an indictment ready for our “Liar in Chief” and is just waiting for said liar to attempt a pardon for anyone and at that point Mr. Mueller would then bring forth this indictment and block our said liar from pardoning anyone.

          Interesting, because the chess game continues…………..

    • I can respect both sides of this opinion, as long as we all agree Trump is not a good human being.
      Thanks for the laugh anyway…

    • David de Jong

      Trump wasn’t risking political capital. Just the opposite.

  4. Is that the same Anonymous that tagged his email in another column “ed” — who wrote that he has seen the light and admits trump is a “cad”? Is that you ed?

    Whether it is or is not, you are still making an ass of yourself. This “he didn’t say thank you to me” bullshit just proves what an uneducated moron your guy really is! “Normal” people don’t do something for someone and then DEMAND a thank you. That behavior completely erases the good deed he may have done. I say ‘may have’ because trump is a liar – he opens his mouth and a lie just falls out. I would suggest any, if any, conversation took place with the China guy it was more like trump saying — that little bastard who stole sunglasss, what an idiot, just like those people to do something like that, and his daddy can well afford to buy those things, it would help me out if you could put in a good word and send them back to America where they will be publicly punished for their behavior — now, that I would believe he would say!

    His repeated demand to be thanked is beyond comprehension and I will further suggest, his new China buddy is also laughing at trump for being so uncouth. As Rex said, Fucking Moron.

  5. On a brighter note, I was happy to see that the Winter White House is currently entertaining a Haitian delegation (outside its gates of course) that would like to discuss their and their families soon planned deportation.

    I think the Haitian example represents a fine model for everyone who has an issue – or a few hundred – with that – and all that is Donald Trump. Take your complaints to the Trump branded properties everywhere and not just Mar-o-slaggo. Trump needs to have the nations and world’s general displeasure with his ignorant, arrogant, fakeness – presented directly where he is most sensitive – his own self interest.

  6. In the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump*, it is written that at age thirteen Trump was seriously traumatized when his father ripped him out of his “Richie Rich,” lifestyle and shipped him off to miltary school where he proved himself to be the same asshole we all now see. The consequence of that trauma was to stunt his emotional growth at that point and that upon examination what we are looking at today is basically an emotionally spoiled rotten and damaged 13 year old who turned out be an evil prick, who happens to be thin skinned, has extremely low self-esteem and is severely mentally deranged.

    If you set aside all the presidential dressing, and focus only on the way he emotionally acts and speaks (e.g., he likes me so I like him; he doesn’t like me so I don’t like him) which he does 100% of the time, you can readily observe this 13 year old, and why he cannot be reasoned with acts like a fucking moron.

    *The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

  7. Trump had time early this morning to tweet about NFL and Ball, but not enough to tweet concern about military personnel in the plane crash. So who was disrespecting the military today? It’s a shame the commander in chief has so little time to care about the troops after defending his ego.

  8. There’s either multiple members using the name “Anonymous,” or one member using the name “Anonymous,” who is not sure what his position is on Trump. It’s hard to tell which.

    Anonymity is a personal choice (and there are several Anonymous members), yet on this web site you’ve already given your email address so why not pick a name, names, word, words or numerals to at least make an effort to distinguish yourself from others who also choose that uniquely most common label intended to hide identity where it only serves to cause confusion and label serves to identify oneself unless it is intended to do so.

    Consider these labels instead of Anonymous:

    I’m Anonymous
    I ahve no identity
    Not Sure Who I am
    Donald Hump
    🦋 maybe, not

    Or, you can go here and pick out sonething that suits you:

    • I’m Anonymous and so’s my wife: (Life of Brian clip – which is the funniest film ever made.)

    • I see the little icon in margin next to Anonymous are different – so this Anonymous who just wrote about trump not mentioning the military plane crash is not the same Anonymous who is not pro trump but voted for him anyway – I think that Anonymous is the one who exchanged comments with me late yesterday (and he wrote ed at the end of one of his notes yesterday – and responded to me when I referred to him as Ed)

      When I first found Heisenberg’s blog and was interested in checking it out, I began as Anonymous and soon after began signing off as Murphy on every message I wrote. As soon as I was given the opportunity to change my “name” (that was not easy to get done!) I jumped on it and renamed as Murphy.

      I’d like to see the other Anonymous ones do the same thing. I like your suggestions better than them all being Anonymous.

      • Strange Things, Murphy, with your point well taken, I see no icon for member on this page excepting Huw. At least your info explains the “apparent” incongruity of the Anonymous postings.

        Now I have to figure out what’s with the absent member icon mystery.

        • Maybe the device you are reading from? I am on desk top PC, standard home computer — are you using your MAC? or phone? Your icon is a blue circle about half inch wide (depending on font size) and inside that blue circle is a geometric configuration of triangles and a center of 4 point cross, all in same shade of blue.

          My icon is an open corner square with geometric configuration of tiny triangles and squares spaced inside the outer square, grey in color.

          I assume you can see Heisenberg’s great black silhouette face with hat pattern.

          I have seen others that have a photo or what appears to be somethings that they submitted as their icon — otherwise the rest of us have an icon assigned to each of us that is different.

          The two anonymous here are the one I dub as ed is a mint green squarish geometric pattern; the other anon here is more of an open circle with a few small thin spring green squiggles; Durwood is a deep navy wide cross pattern with geometric triangle and square configuration inside the cross; de Jong has a hot pink squarish pattern; Dan has a grass green circle with white squares pattern inside the circle. The 2 anonymous comments are: ed 1, 6, 11 — the other anon is comment 16. (unless someone adds past this comment which will be #22)


          • I made the comment on Trump not mentioning the crash. I had signed up a couple of months ago, but when my computer crashed I lost all browsing data, including my sign on here. So, I’m signing up again. Sorry for the confusion – and though I’ve voted republican most of my life, I assure you I neither voted for Trump or support him now.

  9. Well Howdy, PJSPHD and I like your new red wreath icon too! Nice to meet you! btw, I agree about your comment earlier, noting it as a lack of respect for the military. True! He really has no respect for anyone or anything – he’s all bullshit about the “respecting the military” – he only uses that as fuel to fire up his cult and maybe pull in a few more. His buddy Bannon gives him advice on what pisses off America and he thinks disrespecting the flag is a hot button – because he is stupid. The real hot button to piss off America is disrespecting civil rights and take away freedom! What the hell does trump think the military does for America? I bet all trump’s money that he could not even stand up and sing the Star Spangled Banner! He’s a draft dodging chicken shit afraid of his own shadow! Who also has a personal grudge against the NFL.

  10. Murphy – and good morning to you. Thanks for the mention but none of the above posts are from me. However, Heisenberg seems to take both sides and maybe suffer from a little bit of Cognitive Dissonance. One comment says “minor infraction” pertaining to the theft of sunglasses and next comment he refers to 10 years in prison (not so minor). Whatever Pres. Trump may be, I agree with 1st anonymous, it was a good thing he did to bring the players back. Looking forward to see my ICON.

    • I suspect H meant that in the civilized universe the “act of taking” the sunglasses is deemed a minor infraction. However, in China, such a minor infraction could end with the offender in prison for 10 years.

      A perfect example, is Frederick Warmbier, also a college student, who removed a political banner from a hotel – a minor infraction – in North Korea, receiving a 15 year sentence of hard labor, and ultimately dying from lack of oxygen and blood to his brain (although the medical examiner could not determine how the injury occurred).

      • Yes and I believe that trump has included Frederick Warmbier in his case against N Korea to substantiate his claim of terrorism due to N Korea torturing an American prisoner. (allegedly)

        I also read about the N Korean man who is in hospital being treated for the 5 gunshot wounds received as he ran for life towards S Korea and wounded, fell and crawled into a pile of leaves where S Korean border guards rescued him. He is in ICU and the doctors are trying hard to save his life. A very disturbing development in his care was the discovery of serious infestation of worms in his stomach, said to be a result of his poor diet. Hard to understand how a “human being?” like rocket man can watch his people die from starvation, rate said to be about 100 a day. With so many children dying there, all we need to do is wait him out – eventually there will be no reproduction or low reproduction that cannot sustain pregnancy due to horrible diet conditions. Eventually they will all be dead.

        As advanced as we and many other countries are, surely there is a way to overwhelm this insane leader (?) and take over, simply for humane reasons. Oh, sorry, I forgot that trump did tell us all that he knows more than the generals do…so we will just let him show us.

        We all should think about those starving families today. Send up a prayer.

  11. Looks like all “anonymous” get same ICON.

  12. Speaking of Dangerous Presidents. No, not Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim or Rodrigo Duterte.
    I mean Donald.

    Frighteningly so.

    • I think Mueller is speeding up his investigation in order to curtail another chance of assface passing on top secret info while showing off how wonderful he is, how smart he is, how famous he is, how much power he has, how people are required to treat him… and I think that Mueller very well may have the word TREASON prepared for asswipe’s future. (and I don’t need to hear any of his ignorant cult members telling me there must be war in order to charge treason!)

      sniff sniff sniff…I smell a turkey burning in hell.

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