‘Freudian Retweet’: Department Of Defense Accidentally Endorses Call For Trump To Resign

"Operator error".

Call it a Freudian slip or maybe just call it hilarious.

Whoever is in charge of the Pentagon’s social media activities “accidentally” retweeted a call for Trump to resign on Wednesday. Here’s a fun screengrab:


Yes, “the solution is simple.” Roy Moore resigns, Al Franken resigns, and then Trump resigns.

It’s such an elegant “solution” – because often the best solutions are the simplest ones.

Needless to say, the DoD has since claimed they didn’t mean to do that, calling it an “operator” error.

Right. Trump resigning “would not be endorsed” by the United States military.

Because if ousting Trump was indeed something the Pentagon “endorsed”, they probably wouldn’t express that endorsement via retweets. Generally speaking, those types of “endorsements” are expressed via military coup.





11 comments on “‘Freudian Retweet’: Department Of Defense Accidentally Endorses Call For Trump To Resign

  1. Journeyman

    Given your willingness to cover the minutiae of the goings on of D.C. based twitter accounts, and your stated abhorrence for the misogynistic culture permeating the U.S., I’m surprised to see your complete silence on the topic of Al Franken forcing himself upon a woman.

    • sniff, sniff, sniff…I do believe I smell a Repub in the area – like his pals in Alabama who are so excited to have a Democrat called out for some lashings in the “metoo” arena. This recent upheaval started with the exposure of pedophile Roy Moore whose horrible behavior is a far cry from the pretend breast cop-a-feel committed by Franken AND YES, highly inappropriate and he has stepped up and apologized and the woman has accepted his apology.

      The clearly “missing” are tweets (comments?) from the President about Roy Moore and gee, I wonder why?

      • Journeyman

        Apologies, I don’t use Twitter, clearly you did address it.

        And in response to the other commenter, I actually just prefer equal treatment be given to perpetrators of crimes or inappropriate actions.

        To be clearly, I’m not comparing the disgusting actions of a Roy Moore over a period of years to the one accusation currently following Franken. But if we’ve learned anything recently it is that one accusations tends to snowball into numerous accusations.

      • and in case that isn’t clear enough for you Journeyman: fuck Al Franken.

        and you can quote me on that. does that work for you?

        • I’ll second the thought as to Franken, but unrelated to the incidents – alleged and as evidenced by the photo aboard the plane. As to these incidents, who cares 12 years later? # 1 – the guy is or was a comedian who was goofing off in the photo -that’s what comedians and clowns do; #2 – I don’t believe he actually copped a feel in the photo – it doesn’t appear there was actually a touch and, if there was, she would have likely awakened then and there and that does not appear to be part of her story. As to the “forced kiss,” who knows? Twelve years and a few successful congressional campaigns later and she’s just coming out with this forced kiss scenario now? A) then she’s irresponsible for failing to report him before and having enabled this behavior to potentially continue with more victims of forced kisses; B) this doesn’t appear to be a case of Franken being her boss or having control over her career at the time – we’re basically talking about two comedians/clowns goofing off – this is like me getting into a wrestling match with an equal level co-worker 15 years ago and just now claiming he or she (now a Managing Director) grabbed my balls. I have a feeling I would be laughed out of the HR department with that one – or at least enrolled in a PIP.

          If anyone thinks this stuff about being aghast at people’s harmless sexual proclivities/behaviors has not suddenly gotten completely out of control, then they should take a chill pill and relax. The amazing part is that almost half the country voted to elect a jackass who actually described in detail what are unquestionably abhorrent personal violations of women as a normal course of his behavior that he deems totally okay and entitled to partake in – including in situations where there was a distinct power/authority differential – in other words – not a couple of clowns goofing off. Putting Franken in the same class as Trump in that regard totally diminishes the significance of what Trump admitted and bragged about.

          Let me put it this way: If Franken did what he was supposed to have done to my daughter or sister I would probably be torn between being a little perturbed and laughing my ass off. On the other hand, if Trump did to my daughter or sister what he described and bragged about there would be consequences and they would not be pleasant for anyone involved – no laughing matter to say the least – think in terms of what happened to they guy who abused Sonny Corleone’s sister – that kind of unpleasant.

          Seems as if we’d be far better served if we all focused like a laser on that kind of stuff – actual admissions and detailed descriptions – on tape – recently – from Trump – versus stuff dredged up second hand from a decade ago about Franken and even versus being flabbergasted that 40 years ago a 32 year old guy routinely had hard-ons for good looking upper teenagers – not great behavior, of course, and it’s definitely open to judgment – but, again, so what? Just don’t vote for the pervert – but don’t sit there and say you’ve never had the same urges and are totally outraged that someone apparently did and may have acted on them.

  2. I suffer from Trump corruption fatigue – like most reasonably intelligent people in the country, but there’s no getting away from this slimy con artist’s long history of corrupt involvements and scandals right up until he ran for election. Unrelated to Trump I was doing some research related to some Florida state pension mismanagement issues. (Yeah, I know who would have guessed that another Republican Governor would manage the system any better than the past one – Jeb Bush – that literally bankrupted the Florida retirement system with bad investments.)

    So, first I thought I would look into who our State Attorney General was politically. Low and behold, but unsurprisingly, I find another Trump election and political scandal involvement. ( Really read this early alert to Florida voters. Florida went for Trump in the election and this is a sample of just how uninformed and generally mentally deficient all Trump voters are – well at least those that aren’t involved in one of his scams. Folks this country is in serious trouble with its corrupt politics – and while it isn’t just Trump and Republicans it sure seems like the Rs have far more than their share of corrupted politicians.

    • Yep and there is more. Google this: trump bondi connections. So much in the last quarter of 2016, the campaign time frame.

      A $25,000 donation to Bondi re-election from Trump that was “accidentally” written from the Donald Trump Foundation in 2013 (was suspected to keep her from investigating his fake University) and the IRS caught it and trump had to pay a fine for breaking the federal law with an illegal donation to political campaign from a non-profit foundation – trump said it was an accident and was supposed to go to some charity in Kansas. A huge coverup was suspected (duh) and it was resolved in April 2017, soon after trump settled the University lawsuits with a $25million payout. At some point trump was also made to personally repay the foundation that $25,000 for that “accidental” payment to Bondi.

      I believe Bondi was appointed to trump’s Opioid Crisis Panel recently – this was delayed from April awaiting the resolution of the pending case mentioned above.

      Never ending.

  3. I wonder if PTCFD (Post Trump corruption fatigue Disorder) will eventually be covered by the VA & medical insurance for the depression and anxiety caused a failure to trust government or officials for their general malfeasance?

  4. Depending upon what time zone you live it, EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW TONIGHT — RICHARD ENGEL REPORT. The Trump Ocean Club in Panama, a high rise residential tower expose. I just watched the 8pm central time and will watch it again at 11pm repeat tonight. WATCH THIS PROGRAM. YOU WILL BE RAGING ANGRY WITH WHAT HE WILL SHOW YOU.

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