As It Turns Out, Some Democrats Are Idiots Too: ‘John James’ Edition

"That tweet didn't age well, did it?" Actually, yes. It did.

Are you curious to know just why it is that America’s global reputation is deteriorating so rapidly?

Well, you can of course point to Donald Trump to explain most of the recent sharp decline in national prestige.

But it doesn’t help matters when Americans who, at least by outward appearances, are generally on the right side of sane, say and do things that make them look and sound just as moronic as the reality TV show host who occupies the Oval Office.


Allow us to present “Exhibit A”:


As you can see, that’s the Twitter profile picture for one “John James,” whose bio reads as follows:

NOLA MAT Social Studies Teacher by way of Detroit, Chicago, DC, Memphis, Virginia. Fighting Red State Ignorance One Student At A Time 

So obviously, “John James” isn’t a big fan of Donald Trump. Which, by definition, means he should have been super-excited about a post we ran earlier called “John Garofalo Is An American Hero And ‘Thank God’ Fox News Had ‘The Balls’ To Tell His Story.

That post is a scathing rebuke of a Fox News piece (which has since been “corrected”) that purported to feature a decorated veteran who, in his spare time, constructed a giant glass sculpture in honor of Donald Trump. Well as it turns out, the man was lying about his military record and if you read the post linked above you would know that it is easily the most brutal takedown of Fox and John Garofalo posted anywhere on the internet.

But guess who didn’t read it? The above mentioned “John James,” that’s who. Because here’s what John tweeted:


Actually John, it “aged” perfectly, because again, had you actually taken 5 minutes to read the story, you would have realized that it not only perfectly aligns with your take on the political landscape in America, it is in fact so vehemently anti-Trump that it would probably make a dyed-in-the-wool #NeverTrumper blush “red” – “red” like the “ignorance” your Twitter bio suggests you so despise.

And bear in mind, this is a fucking social studies teacher. God help the students if any of the textbooks in Detroit, Chicago, DC, and Memphis contain any satire, because you can bet that either John didn’t get it, or else didn’t take the time to read it and honestly, I’m not sure which of those alternatives is worse if you’re a teacher.

Here is John’s pinned tweet:


Got it. Well John, Heisenberg is the “teacher” today, and Mr. White just taught you a lesson in how to make sure you conduct the proper due diligence before you accidentally slam someone who is on your side out of sheer intellectual laziness.





6 comments on “As It Turns Out, Some Democrats Are Idiots Too: ‘John James’ Edition

  1. Lol.

    • i mean you know? Jesus.

      i didn’t even want to write this post because it’s pointless, but for fuck’s sake. you spend all day crusading for people and then they go out and undermine the whole damn cause with their own stupidity that rivals that of the very people they’re calling stupid.


  2. More than one fool out there! Loved it!

  3. John should do his homework… hehehe

  4. Bill Williams

    Heis – Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Keep ’em coming.

  5. I really like these articles and wish them to continue. I would be much more inclined towards the authors point of view if he would consider adding more sources. I hate the adds and find it cheapens the experience but if they are the price for you to write I guess its a fair trade. The Amazon one that hijacks the page is a super pain tho bro. I wish more people read this

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