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Cartoon Break (‘Storm Tracker’)

Hard to pin down...

Via Rick McKee



1 comment on “Cartoon Break (‘Storm Tracker’)

  1. Back on July 18, 2017, there actually was a Caribbean Tropical Storm named “Don.” And by sheer coincidence, happening at the same time was another Tropical Storm named “Hilary.”

    The first paragraph in this article ironically describes what could become of an aptly prophetic description of Tropical Storm “Don”:

    “Two tropical storms bubbled up on each coast on Tuesday—Tropical Storm Don weakened as it moved toward the Caribbean, whereas tropical depression 8-E picked up speed in the Pacific. The tropical depression didn’t quite gain enough steam to become a full-on tropical storm deserving a (human) name, but the next one that does will be called Hilary.”

    For those who are wondering, Hurricane “Bernie” already made its appearance back when it hit New York City on February 3 2016. Perhaps Hurricane Bernie will swing back around for another visit in 2020?

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