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Apocalypse Wow.

The crowds are huge for the end of the world...

The bad news is:

  • Texas is under water
  • North Korea is firing missiles over Japan

The good news is that the “turnout” was incredible for Trump’s truck speech to hurricane victims…

“Apocalypse wow, what a turnout!”

It’s worth noting that Nikki Haley is most assuredly not fucking amused with Kim:

And then there was this, about 15 minutes ago:


Dips were bought on Wall Street – and “big league” (stocks on top, VIX on bottom):


A subtle reminder on vol.:

10Y yields hit their lowest levels of 2017 on Tuesday, but did manage to get back above 2.13 as the risk-off sentiment faded:


Gold and the yen gave back all of the nuclear war spike:


The euro’s looking more and more like a haven all the time. The single currency broke through the psychological 1.20 level on Tuesday before paring gains. Needless to say, it’s the story of FX land:


European shares are at six-month lows, as a rapidly appreciating euro and general risk-off sentiment weighed heavy:


Also notable in Europe, there’s a short base built up in Main for the first time in three years:


Japanese and South Korean shares got off to a rocky start in the overnight following the missile launch, but ultimately managed to claw their way back, closing with only modest losses:


As Bloomberg noted earlier today, “MSCI’s Asia-Pacific gauge has rallied 19% so far this year and on Aug. 2 closed at its highest since 2007 amid strong corporate earnings and optimism U.S. interest-rate increases will remain gradual [but] the gauge’s valuation has slipped since then”:


Sooo… “buy the only 1 standard deviation expensive dip”? 

The offshore yuan rose for a 10th day -that’s the longest winning streak in seven fucking years. It did given some back later in the session:


As for the onshore yuan, it strengthened through 6.60 Tuesday for the first time since June 2016. Overbought?


Oh, and finally, on a more somber note: compare and contrast…


6 comments on “Apocalypse Wow.

  1. US should let China, Russia and Pakistan know they too will be subject to nuclear bombing if the USA is attacked with nukes from North Korea.

  2. roger1122

    When the US and Britain attempted to cut off oil supplies to Japan, the result was Pearl Harbor. Not a good precedent.

  3. You really have to ask yourself – where the hell is all of the US’s so called high tech ability at secretly bringing all kinds of debilitating grief to an aggressor state and or their leaders. Even during WWII we ran sabotage raids on critical resources to both Germany and Japan – as they did us. Surely, we can come up with more effective and actual deterrents than simple minded reality TV rhetoric of dramatic hollow threats of “fire and fury” and or our ambassadors standing in front of our enemies saying “Yah, yah. Our President is crazier than yours.” – true as it may be.

    While we have supposed doctrines regarding not assassinating other nations leaders who disagree with us – that does not include those that physically threaten our existence and those of our allies (that we also have doctrines to protect) and when an aggressor state launches missiles that are clear indications of their intentions and abilities. Really, taking pot-shots at us – (who knows whether the N. Korean launches were target misses or just air-borne “saber rattling” – quite literally acts of war. Our world has far greater problems than small minded men that somehow acquire the confidence of their nations populations, or even minor portions of them.

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