Trump Net Approval Rating Falls To Truly Laughable Negative 20

"He has the lowest rating in Gallup's history for any newly elected president in the summer of his first term in office."

Tell us about all the winning, dammit! 

Because we need to hear it again – and preferably in slow motion…

Fast forward nine months and Trump has:

  • not repealed and replaced anything
  • not moved ahead on tax reform
  • not done anything at all on fiscal stimulus
  • dropped a mini-nuke on Afghanistan
  • bombed Syria
  • threatened to invade Venezuela
  • stood by idly while Nazis took over the town of Charlottesville
  • brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war

So yeah, “please Mr. President, it’s too much.”

Well, as you can probably imagine, Trump’s failure to immediately and explicitly place the blame for Charlottesville with white supremacists sent his approval rating tumbling to a fresh all-time low.

Here’s Gallup:

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating in Gallup Daily tracking is at 34% for the three-day period from Friday through Sunday — by one point the lowest of his administration so far.

It is difficult to pinpoint the precise cause of the new low rating, but the changes were apparent on Friday, with his day-by-day ratings near 34% across Saturday and Sunday as well. Trump has consistently been in the news over the past week, including the continued focus on North Korea, even while taking a working vacation at one of his golf properties in New Jersey. The events in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in the deaths of a 32-year-old woman and two Virginia State Police officers dominated news coverage on Saturday and Sunday. Trump’s prior three-day low reading was 35%, registered March 26-28.

You’ve gotta love that first bolded bit. “It is difficult to pinpoint the precise cause of the new low rating,” because he’s done so much crazy shit over the past five days that it’s impossible to know exactly which horrible fuck-up to blame.


In case you’re wondering how that stacks up to history, here’s Gallup again to explain:

He has the lowest rating in Gallup’s history for any newly elected president in the summer of his first term in office.

So he’s “winning” at that.

Is that enough “winning”? Let’s ask Trump:

Ok fine. Let’s win more!

Here’s the Real Clear Politics average, where Trump’s net approval rating is now a truly “impressive” negative 20.



One more time please…


7 comments on “Trump Net Approval Rating Falls To Truly Laughable Negative 20

  1. From my point of view, Trump should work harder to bring his approval ratings down lower and disapprovals higher, so that if and when he gets indicted, no judge or witness will have any fear to rule or testify against him, but instead they will happily do so. As such, with every passing day (should a miracle occur and he faces a criminal jury trial) the percentage of potential jurors that might hold out for Trump regardless of the evidence will diminish. This is important. So, when Trump was down in West Virginia a few weeks back speaking to a cheering and adoring crowd, as if he was on the campaign trail, talking heads speculated why he was taking that tack. They guessed he was shoring up support local and across the country for 2018, or that he needed a shot of ego boost so he went to speak where his support was seen to be strongest. I suspect there’s another reason.

    Amongst his lawyers there’s at least one smart enough to have to planned for this future: If, and this is if, Trump face’s a criminal jury trial one day, there’s no time like now to prepare and equip your favorable jurors with reasons as to how and why Trump was being railroaded and framed by Mueller and the Democrats. In 99% of criminal cases it’s the Government that uses pre-trail publicity to prejudice a defendant, e.g., perp- walks in handcuffs, press conferences, interviews, leaking of evidence, etc., while most defendants having no way to counter the prejudice. That usual playing field gets flipped when the President of the United States controls the news cycle 24/7 and the prosecution is hidden away in a secured facility, locked into keeping its investigation as close to the vest as possible.

    So, when Trump is out there screaming that he’s a victim of a witch hunt, keep in mind that he’s speaking to “his jurors” and preparing them for his acquittal, or at the very least to cause a hung jury.

  2. But what’s even more laughable is that Trump’s ratings are nevertheless higher than crooked Hillary’s!!

  3. IRB, who cares about her ratings? Presently, Destructo’s on a path of destroying the world one day at time, and your focused on Hillary’s ratings? Nothing more laughable that!

  4. Anonymous

    Hillary’s ratings? I did vote for her (as the lesser of 2 evils and I did not want to throw away my vote on Bernie, even though I still like him!) but I honestly think she has gotten a really rotten deal. None of the crap assface said about her during his disgusting campaign was true — not one word. So sick of hearing the Lock Her Up chat that is still one of his favorites at his ego rallies – so stupid. She has been investigated so much more than most and there has not been one thing found to charge her with – so assface says it is because the FBI are all crooked and protecting her. Pleeeeze. Oh and that uranium. Shut the fuck up. Read the truths about that nonsense. Just plain ignorant. And like Irb throws out playfully from time to time, what about those emails? Yeah, what about them? What could they possibly be that no one on earth has ever found even one clue as to what they were. Again, ignorant. And she was sick during her campaign and assface declared she was secretly ill and was gonna die. And you take all that shit and say it 1,000,000,000 times and it just becomes true? Again, after almost 10 months, her name rolls out of his mouth (and you too, Irb) like she is responsible for everything wrong in his pathetic disgusting life. I honestly do not know how his wife can stand him even breathing in the same room as her — I guess the odds are he will die pretty soon now and she will be rich. And he cannot afford not to keep her, regardless of how much she must seriously hate him, a divorce or separation would cancel him completely – he needs her. Maybe she should get an award.

    Ya’ll get over Hillary for a while. She is sitting on her comfy couch eating cupcakes and laughing her ass off because he is the corrupt racist that she warned every single one of us about. So, Hillary, here’s to you, girl. His approval rating is now “negative 20”. hahahaha!! And with luck, you will still be comfy when they Lock Him Up! hahahaha!

    – Murphy

    • And more to the point, Hillary is so deeply stuck in IRB’s craw, he continues to check her ratings. Don’t worry IRB, if Destructo gets indicted, she won’t be able to sit on his jury!!

  5. The truly scary prospect of our future really is not The Donald, one way or another he’s pretty much committed political suicide by repeatedly and obsessively choking on his on feet at the expense of his Party. After Donald has been impeached by surviving Republicans in 2018 (they’ll never risk another election with him in office) – if not Ds, after then being locked up, after a Twitter induced coronary or stroke, or after the Russian’s provide him with some personal Polonium – and or hopefully even all of the previous, and Hillary and Bill are past the age and ambition to run for any public office – what will have changed? The same uninformed, uneducated, non-critical thinking, self-convinced dumb asses that voted for Trump (Is that you IRB?) will still be voting for equally incompetent fascist like Trump – well at least those that aren’t locked up for hate and other crimes of stupidity.

    Unless we achieve a better qualified voter qualification system, similar for candidate qualifying systems and a supporting tamper free election system to replace our current pay-to-play system, we’re done as a democracy and as a nation. Electing Trump was the final gasp of a fatally sick political system, his continued presence in office only confirms this diagnosis, and it is the death of a functional US democracy (though that may have begun with the election of G.W. Bush).

    • Anonymous

      Hell, I am nominating Marty and Dugger and they can arm wrestle for President and V President positions!

      – Murphy

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