Cartoon Break (‘Hamburger’ Helper)

Via Tom Toles for Washington Post



2 thoughts on “Cartoon Break (‘Hamburger’ Helper)

  1. Wait…. he’s done fuck all for 8 months and now he’s going on vacation?! Hasn’t he played golf most weekends anyway?

    • ASHUR101, Relax, he is leaving while the workmen go in and make some repairs to his “dump” and easier to do the work when he is not underfoot — he says “it is not a vacation” — he is “working and making calls”. His WH staff used the term vacation, not him. Of course, first morning, on the golf course, him being a Christian and all, no work on Sunday, right? Word is some of this work was done while Obama still there (of course, he did not mind being there, did not bother him) and this work now is to finish the scheduled repairs. News said they were replacing the air conditioning system. 17 days? That’s at least 17 rounds…maybe he can squeeze in some phone calls after dark. Oh, and did you read today that his BF Putin is also on vacay, fishing and swimming, getting a tan.

      – Murphy

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