A Drunk Trump Asks If ‘There Are Any Russians In West Virginia’

"Are there any Russians here tonight?"

"Are there any Russians here tonight?"
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4 comments on “A Drunk Trump Asks If ‘There Are Any Russians In West Virginia’

  1. Anonymous

    The snippets of this speech I am seeing on The Final Word, MSNBC, right now is almost unbelievable. He sounds like someone trying to encourage a coup — telling them the government is trying to take away what he is doing or has done or what the people want him to do…. hard to follow! But he is not giving an off the cuff speech — he is reading the teleprompter, all planned out, to stir them up, still talking about Hillary should be investigated and she sold uranium to Russia and got away with it (a ridiculous lie BUT those people are deliriously happy hearing him tonight!)… and then more about going to build that wall and they cheer like it is Oct. 2016 again! This man needs to be removed quickly — what he is doing, in my opinion, is really close to treason and encouraging them to blame the whole thing on the government and not him, he is innocent and on their side and the govenrment is not on their side. OMG. Worse than anything he has said and done before. This will be all over the news tomorrow!

    – Murphy

  2. Curt A Tyner

    Yes trump needs to be removed as of yesterday, this is only going to get worse and the republican party needs to stop this fool and fast. I realize they (republicans) are afraid of trump unleashing his minions on them, but that is just tough Sh*t. Finally do something more than covering for your billionaire masters and keep “Mein Fuhrer” from destroying our country, then you can go back to destroying the 99%.

  3. ironicmerman

    If only Trump actually drank, then we’d have at least one thing we could point to as the root of his ways.

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