Make Child Labor Great Again! Trump Promises To “Put Minors Back To Work”

"Makes me nostalgic for that great asbestos insulation"...

There is no one who takes him seriously any more — he is the laughing stock of the entire world and a butt of every joke.

That’s from Notes From Disgraceland, one of our favorite blogs and it is of course a comment on the extent to which Donald Trump has become an international standing joke.

The thing about becoming a standing joke is that it reduces your personal margin of error to zero. Once you’re a standing joke, everything you say and everything you do will be scrutinized and parsed relentlessly by the masses who are engaged in a tireless quest to find something new to lampoon.

These are the conditions which turn errant midnight tweets (“covfefe“) into viral sensations in minutes and spawn cottage industries for t-shirts and hats within hours.

Well, in the latest incarnation of the Frederick Douglass boondoggle/ Andrew Jackson debacle, Trump’s campaign posted a captioned video to their Facebook page Friday that features the President bragging (again) about how he’s going to “put the [coal] miners back to work.” See if you can spot the problem:


That’s right America, “making child labor great again” one glorious day at a time.

Now cue Twitter…


2 comments on “Make Child Labor Great Again! Trump Promises To “Put Minors Back To Work”

  1. Curt A Tyner

    Well their is only one answer to Mr. Dear Leader in moments like these, “Covfefe You”. Yep, the Trump brood would look good in coal mining gear hardhat and all. I’m all for it.

  2. Dan Gabella


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