A Psychedelic Trip Through Surreal Markets – Hans Is Bringin’ The Shrooms

If you’re someone who i) enjoys comprehensive presentations with lots (and lots) of pretty charts and ii) believes markets are hopelessly distorted by central banks gone wild, then Citi’s Hans Lorenzen is for you.

See Hans (and sometimes Matt King, who will get around to writing something when he damn well pleases) has a penchant for couching everything in terms of monetary policy and QE.

He’s not wrong.

Because what we’re seeing isn’t normal. In fact, it’s not even any semblance of normal.

And really, why should it be? Policy makers at the Fed, ECB, PBoC, BoJ, BoE, and SNB have now spent $20 trillion in an epic quest-turned tragicomedy aimed at reflating a global economy that was waylaid nearly a decade ago.


Have they succeeded? Well, in a word “no.” At least not where growth and headline inflation figures are concerned.

But, as discussed earlier today in “Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere,” what they have managed to do is create a shit load of asset price inflation.

Basically, Citi’s Lorenzen and Matt King will periodically take you on a visual tour of this Salvador Dali-ish investment landscape in which we are all forced to trade.

These are spiritual journeys for those of us who understand how truly surreal the world has become in the post-crisis error era and Lorenzen/King can be counted upon to make the trip even more LSD-ish than it already is by painting everything in psychedelic colors.

Simply put: these are hands-down the best presentations on Wall Street and there’s a new one out on Tuesday.

So grab your shrooms, lick a stamp, and pop some molly, because Hans is about to help you “break on through to the other side” goddammit…

Via Citi













3 thoughts on “A Psychedelic Trip Through Surreal Markets – Hans Is Bringin’ The Shrooms

  1. Wooooo, in the immortal words of The Grateful Dead, “what a long strange trip it’s been,” had to go there. “The colors are intense, man”. Where do we go from here probably right down the “White Rabbit Hole” with the Airplane. Jimmy takes us “All along the Watchtower” as the world finally overdoses on the big H of credit. Eventually through a cocaine haze we emerge with Eric in the land of “She Don’t Lie, She Don’t Lie” until she does and our world as we know it, ends. Just ask Jim Morrison. Later, man.


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