Wall Street Journal Loses It: Trump Will “Have No One Left But His Family And Breitbart”

"If this pattern continues, Mr. Trump may find himself running an Administration with no one but his family and the Breitbart staff. People of talent and integrity won’t work for a boss who undermines them in public without thinking about the consequences."

Over the past 48 hours, we've spent a considerable amount of time lampooning Donald Trump's latest Twitter outbursts, which have targeted everyone from the Mayor of London to his own Justice Department. You can (and should if for no other reason than to confirm that laughter is indeed the best medicine) check out those posts here: Covfefe’d-Up Trump Says London Mayor Is “Pathetic” Pussy – But Not The Kind He’d Like To Grab Trump Wakes Up With Muslims On The Mind: Reminds You Courts Are Full Of Shit Trump Accidentally Jeopardizes US Air Base, Admits To Conspiring Against Qatar On Twitter In the last post linked above, you can find Tuesday's presidential rant, which finds Trump taking things a step further still by seemingly jeopardizing America's largest Mideast military base. To be sure, the world was justifiably focused on Trump's criticism of Sadiq Khan on Monday, but as we suggested at the time, the most astonishing thing about the President's tweets was that he was seemingly throwing his own Justice Department under the bus. Meanwhile, he's undermining his own efforts to convince the judiciary that his travel ban is constitutional. Well, WSJ has apparen
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2 comments on “Wall Street Journal Loses It: Trump Will “Have No One Left But His Family And Breitbart”

  1. ashur101 says:

    “The U.S. Commander in Chief also has better uses of his time than making himself look foolish.” Well you (WSJ) say that but someone should tell Drumpf that because that’s all he seems to do.

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