Trump Wakes Up With Muslims On The Mind: Reminds You Courts Are Full Of Shit

Donald Trump got up this morning with Muslims on the mind.

See Trump thinks maybe, amid all this superfluous talk about “trivial” matters like obstruction of justice and treason, you might have forgotten that he’s trying his best to protect America from terrorism and the only thing standing in his way is this whole “separation of powers” bullshit.

He also thinks maybe it might have slipped your mind that he tried to keep his campaign promise by banning an entire religious group from the country. Obviously, blanket religious discrimination is the best way to combat international terrorism, but it turns out these fucking “so-called” judges are serious about defending the “so-called” Constitution.

And on top of that, it turns out that making fun of those judges on Twitter isn’t the best way to curry favor with the judiciary (who knew?).

Well what-the-fuck-ever. Trump will fight to the death for his God (not Allah)-given right to annul human rights.

Which is why he figured he’d set a positive tone for the new work week by interrupting America’s commute with a series of tweets about how the original Muslim ban was a lot more Muslim-ban-ish than that “watered down” Muslim ban 2.0 bullshit.

And in doing so he’s going to prove that unlike the Mayor of London – who Trump basically called a pussy on Sunday, only not the good kind that he would grab – he’s fully prepared to incite a xenophobia-inspired panic.

Here’s the President addressing the “people”:


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2 thoughts on “Trump Wakes Up With Muslims On The Mind: Reminds You Courts Are Full Of Shit

  1. Nice that Trump has given up on his travel ban being needed only temporarily – until “extreme vetting” could be put in place. Does anyone even know what “extreme vetting” is?

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