Thursday Humor: Sarah Palin Wonders What The Russians Are Up To In Alaska

Earlier today I noted that on Wednesday, Donald Trump held what certainly looks to have been a rather serious meeting with three top strategists: Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sarah Palin.

Here’s the dramatic photo that has since become something of a hit on social media:


CNN jokingly explained it as follows:

The look on the president’s face says something like “See, now, isn’t this interesting” to me. Or maybe, “Then I figured out…”

Kid Rock: Robert James Ritchie — and, no, I didn’t know Kid Rock’s real name without looking it up — makes this whole photo for me. He’s the unquestioned star. First of all, the hat: A+. And then “The Thinker” pose: A+++++. Whatever is on those papers Trump is showing RJR, he finds it totally fascinating. In fact, I wish one day I could find something in life as interesting as Kid Rock finds what the President is saying.

Ted Nugent: First off, I sort of respect the fact that The Nuge didn’t abandon his trademark camo cowboy hat even though he was going to the White House. You do you, Ted. When it comes to the rest, Nugent is the anithesis of Kid Rock. Whereas K. Rock is all attentiveness, Nugent looks more dutiful than anything else. “OK, this guy is the president. He’s talking about something. I am looking and acting interested.”

Sarah Palin: The angle from which this photo was taken makes Palin’s facial expression unknowable. Which makes me sad. But, given how good the rest of the photo is, I won’t get greedy.

So there’s that.

But this gets even better. See apparently, Sarah Palin is using this as an opportunity to kind of “get back out there” so to speak.

That effort took a turn for the hilarious on Thursday when, in an attempt to offer something of substance with regard to recent reports that Russia has flown long-range bombers off the coast of Alaska twice this week, coming as close as 36 miles to the mainland, she told CNN the following:

Now first of all that’s funny because of how obviously stupid she is, but the real punchline here is of course Palin saying “we should always be alarmed when we get wind of what Russia is doing right off the coast of Alaska.”

That must mean Palin is “alarmed” every single, fucking day. Because after all, she can see Russia from her backyard…


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  1. Even though I didn’t share many of the political views The Heisenberg Organization has been motivated to espouse, I enjoyed the writing (including much of the puerile wit). But this piece is not worth cluttering an email inbox or noting the difference in a Russian military and civilian action.

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