Cartoon Break (“Pulling The Plug On Privacy”)

Via Joe Heller


As a reminder….

Donald Trump and his team are really – really – upset at the Obama administration.

Specifically, they’re upset at Susan Rice who, in her capacity as National Security Advisor, took the “unprecedented” step of trying to advise on national security by seeking the names of the “masked” US citizens caught up in surveillance of foreign entities that may or may not have kind-of, sort-of rigged the US election.

And you know what? Who can blame the White House for being upset? After all, we as Americans value our privacy. Privacy is a sacred thing and shouldn’t be violated under any circumstances even if those circumstances involve the collection of intelligence related to nefarious foreign spies.

Given that, it’s a no-brainer that we wouldn’t, as Americans who value our privacy, want broadband providers like Comcast and Verizon collecting our internet browsing histories and other personal data and selling that data to advertisers with little government oversight or fear of enforcement, right? 


Which is why the following seems a bit hypocritical, no?

Via New York Times

President Trump on Monday signed a congressional resolution to complete the overturning of internet privacy protections created by the Federal Communications Commission during the Obama administration.

The change will allow broadband internet service suppliers, such as cable and telecommunications companies, to track and sell a customer’s online information with greater ease.

No further comment necessary.

Oh wait, one comment: any alt-Right website that’s keen on screaming about intrusion by the CIA and/or how bad it is that Susan Rice “unmasked” the Trump team want to take a stab at explaining why it’s a good thing that Comcast and Verizon can commandeer our browser histories and sell them to anyone and everyone with no oversight?

Aaaand… crickets.


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