Dear America: Don’t Fall For The O.J. Simpson Glove Trick With Trump & Russia

No longer is this a question of establishing enough coincidences to render those coincidences … well … to render them not coincidental, it’s now gotten to the point where there’s almost too much proof. That is, this is one of those rare cases where the sheer amount of incriminating evidence has accidentally created its own smoke screen.

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It Would Be Great If You’d Start Using Your Credit Card… Or Would It?

“Whatever the reason, it’s probably a good bet that consumer spending will remain underwhelming until Americans feel more comfortable using their credit cards again. And while that will provide a boost to both activity and bond yields it will also, ironically enough, set the stage for the next recession.”

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Trader: You’re “An Emotional Train Wreck” – But Buying-The-Dip Might Help

“Decide questions for yourself like whether global growth is expanding or not? At the end of the day is there likely to be additional or less quantitative easing pumped into the system? Are sovereign wealth funds apt to continue to increase their commitment to global equities or go back to sovereign debt coupon clipping?”

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