Cartoon Break (“Are We Slaves?”)

"No, Ben says we're immigrants"...

Via Trevor Irvin


Recalling my post from earlier this week…

I give up.

The flow of bullsh*t from this administration is so robust that I can’t even keep up with it and I’d like to think I’m pretty goddamn prolific.

No sooner had I finished explaining that all Oklahoma lawmaker John Bennett needs to know if you’re a Muslim interested in meeting with him is whether you beat your wife, than someone e-mailed me a clip of Ben Carson (who, don’t forget, not only ran for President but is also a neurosurgeon) referring to the Middle Passage crowd as “immigrants.”

Have a listen as someone who we trust to cut open people’s brains drops some (soft-spoken) knowledge on you:

Yes, slaves were “immigrants who worked even harder and even longer for less.”

Much “less,” as it turns out.

And yes Ben, “they too had a dream.” But it most assuredly wasn’t a dream about their “great grandsons pursuing prosperity in America,” it was a dream about not being packed into the bottom of a slave ship and being shipped off to plantations on a continent that they didn’t even know f*cking existed.

And speaking of freed slaves…


3 comments on “Cartoon Break (“Are We Slaves?”)

  1. Anonymous

    Is there a difference between this speech and Carson’s? i don’t remember anybody making a big deal out of Obama’s at the time…am I missing something?

  2. He’s not wrong, just inadequately mentally composed and or insufficiently spoken. Surely, you have heard of term “involuntary immigrants” being used to describe slaves and indentured servants. Then in more modern time there examples like the “renditional immigrants” at Guantanamo.

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