Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: Scarface Edition

I’ll admit it.

I’ve done readers a disservice.

I’ve failed to highlight incoming hate mail and thus, I’ve deprived you all of the opportunity to cure what ails you with the best medicine there is: riotous laughter.

A few weeks back, I brought you the inaugural edition of the Heisenberg hate mail bag. There were actually some important points in there about the Heisenberg brand and why I do what I do.

The second installment of the hate mail bag doesn’t exactly live up to the inaugural edition in terms of making any salient points about politics or the Heisenberg raison d’être, but it sure is funny which is why I imagine you clicked on this in the first place.

This is from a reader who has (understandable) misgivings about trusting iconic pop culture drug dealers when it comes to political musings and financial analysis…

Your Walter White schtick is stupid. Ten years ago you’d have been what? Al Pacino’s Scarface in your fantasy world? It [sic] hard to take seriously the work of someone who gets his jollies playacting at being a costumed avenger. Makes me visualize you as a 300lb donut-eating nerd living in, you guessed it, mom’s basement which has a toilet that’s never been cleaned and no shower.

It’s odd because I like your writing style and I like your thoughts, even (especially?) when I don’t agree with them, which is most of the time.

So the answer here is “no.” Ten years ago I would not have been Pacino’s Scarface.

Ten years ago I’d have been Denzel Washington’s Frank Lucas.

Thirty years ago I’d have been Scarface.



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