Cartoon Break/Thursday Dark Humor (Ivanka Versus Nordstrom)

"Who is this man?!"

Via Jimmy Margulies



Just look at this sh*t…


There are so many things wrong with that succession of tweets that I don’t even know where to start.

I mean first of all, you’re bragging about a poll that supports your decision to ban accepting refugees from war-torn countries while explaining how badly Ivanka has it because of a deal gone sour with a department store.

Second of all, you’ve apparently missed the terrible irony inherent in retweeting a story where the news agency has clearly attempted to undermine the same poll you’re bragging about by leading with a picture of freezing refugees.

To quote Trevor Noah, “who is this man?!”



So much for “tweet risk.”


1 comment on “Cartoon Break/Thursday Dark Humor (Ivanka Versus Nordstrom)

  1. Curt Tyner

    We know who he is because HE has told us time and again. “I am who I am”. “This is what? you get folks”. “I am a very smart guy”. “Where is my African American”. “What have you got to lose?” I can grab their pussies because I’m a star”. Need any more?????????????

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