DOW 20,000: “Hats Off For Going There”

DOW 20,000: “Hats Off For Going There”

Sure, the world is falling apart (geopolitically speaking, at least). Sure, a Security Council member had its ambassador to a NATO member country assassinated on live television last month. Sure, the leader of the free world is now Donald Trump. Sure, multiples are stretched to the breaking point. Sure, central banks are out of ammunition. Sure, Beijing is preparing for a trade war with Washington, the consequences of which could change the face of global trade forever. Sure the sect
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4 thoughts on “DOW 20,000: “Hats Off For Going There”

  1. It is remarkable…and when it all blows up the talking heads will point to a few themes you talk about here and ask the viewer condescendingly, “How did you miss it?”

    In the mean time this march higher is testing my tolerance for pain…

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