Heisenberg Report: Site Update

I wanted to offer a Heisenberg Report update this weekend for those who are interested. We'll start with that and then I'll give you my quick take on where we're headed politically.

I wanted to offer a Heisenberg Report update this weekend for those who are interested. We'll start with that and then I'll give you my quick take on where we're headed politically.
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17 comments on “Heisenberg Report: Site Update

  1. I am hopeful that Trump & party are going to trim the government fat and get rid of the rotten apples. Remember Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as Stupid does….”

    • OK, lets see. You have Social Security, Medicare and Defense that take up the vast majority of the budget. Who gets whacked? Remember Bonnie and Clyde, you need to go where the money is.

  2. One of your better posts.

      • Thanks Heisenberg for this, and all of your amazing posts! I read each and every one of them (even though most of it is over my head). I can only hope to continue learning by reading yours, and others’ articles…and maybe one day I’ll know a fraction of what you do.

        BTW, love your posts on SA as well.


  3. I wanted to draft a short note on my own feelings about the final passage of power to Trump. I could simply do a copy-paste of your very to-the-point analysis. How is it that so many of our citizens have no critical thinking when it comes to politics? Surely this is the result of decades of “training” in our consumer society where people become “mobile consumption devices” to be programmed and manipulated. The average white male spends thousands of times more analyzing sports teams than he does thinking about government policy and actions, and those who implement it. The French will have the opportunity to elect a “lady Trump” in the form of Marine LePen. I’ll go out on a limb, and suggest that they will pass on this even if she does get a large number of votes.

  4. Hitler invaded Russia on the 22nd June 1942 @ 5.30 am. Summer in the northern hemisphere .

  5. whatbubble

    Heisenberg is a daily read for me (here and SA). Thank you for all the hard work.

  6. Thanks again for your insights,
    the truth in history, when wallstreet/ bankers/financiers/military are running the show for an extended period of time say 50 plus years or a generations worth, that economy/ civilization starts having problems.
    When Main Street , unions/ labor/ socialist government / military’s are running the show for a generation plus, that soverian state/ economy/ civilization starts having problems.
    The pendulum continues to swing,
    It’s a balancing act that no civilization has figured out because there always are haves and have nots/ competing interests have a hard time with compromise.
    Rather then complain, one must figure out approx where the pendulum is at as it relates to your own personal circumstance and then make the necessary adjustments to take full advantage of the situation.
    Self preservation and greed have always ruled know matter which way the pendulum happens to be swinging.

    Thank you Heisenberg for confirming my bias

  7. Curt Tyner

    H- Interesting times coming, hopefully France and Germany voters will realize the importance of this moment for not only their countries but all of Europe. The fallout from these votes could be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back and with it probably the Euro Zone. The building east/west split in our continuing currency/trade war with China is directly in the headlights and possibly at the mercy of Protectionist Trump. With the yen buried in GDP hell, the Euro looking like a walking corpse and the Brits reeling as their currency bounces like a rubber ball the SDR basket is setting up for even more intervention by status quo banks yelling “Don’t worry everything is fine,good, great” as we create more debt for everybody on the planet. “Hey, if we ban currency we have control of all those stupid people’s $$$$”. There is something in the air and it feels like a historical moment with evil lurking as we move toward some kind of reckoning. Will we again embrace more progressive ways to enhance the planet or will we choose con-men and/or women who want to revert back to protectionist fascism from our not so distant past. Thanks for all the good “food for thought” and I’m very glad you survive your latest ordeal.

  8. Although left-biased, I appreciate your earnest analysis, always thoughtful. You think of the ‘ignorant’ right as lacking critical thinking skills, which you over-rate. But are they also a canary in the coalmine, hedging over-action (or non-action)? They, as the left (also lacking critical thinking skills although educated (by someone’s definition)) are responding to personal interests. And should be listened to.

    But of all, you are a worthy addition to the cognoscenti, always interesting and eminently worth reading.

  9. Love your stuff, but would gently ask for quality over quantity! I see so many posts on a daily basis from you, and don’t have the time to read every one. So would gently ask for focus and prioritization or you risk “tune out.” Keep up the good work. BTW, loved you inauguration dream. Harrowing but true.

    • Great comment.

      I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about “tune out risk.” It’s a balancing act, but ultimately the larger risk for anyone looking to build a following is failing to deliver consistent content. With so much information out there, every second of people’s time is valuable. I take that very seriously. Let’s say you hit the “refresh” button on a site once an hour. That’s a time investment. It’s small, but it’s still time spent. If you refresh a site once an hour say, six times on a weekday and after six hours there’s nothing new, you’re likely to take that site off your list of sites it’s worth spending that extra 3 seconds to refresh.

      I don’t want to produce so much content that people can’t keep up, but more importantly, I don’t want the Heisenberg Report to be relegated to “weekend reading” status in people’s minds. So ultimately, I try to balance it to the best of my ability, but I err on the side of consistency so that the 3 seconds it takes to refresh the page isn’t a wasted 3 seconds for readers.

      Side note: sometimes there’s a deluge on Sundays and Monday mornings. That’s NOT because I wrote 26 articles on Sunday and decided to hit you with them all at once. It’s publishers clearing the weekend backlog.

      Again, appreciate the reply.

  10. michael lang

    I wonder how you define “smart”? Very few if any presidents are smart – IQ over 130. The very good presidents have great instincts, Reagan and Clinton in my lifetime. Trump seems to have pretty good instincts to have laid waste to 18 competitors. Hard for me to believe his supporters are on average any different from Clinton’s supporters in terms of critical thinking, which is simply vanishing on both sides. Would love to see any scientific study comparing the average intelligence of the supporters of both parties. BTW, I have been an independent my entire life, don’t care much for either party.

  11. As someone who has taught economics and finance and written for public consumption I can certainly testify to the depressing ignorance of the American public on important economic and financial concepts. It is important to realize that such ignorance serves to maintain the hold of those who have benefited from the status quo (as does the vast system of influence peddling we have in place). Now we have a president that wishes to have the public distrust the media and (apparently) only follow his tweets. He is charismatic and enjoys talking/tweeting, making it every more important that there will be critical analyses of his (and the GOPs) actions (not words).

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