Cartoon Break (Davos Edition)

Presented with the following caveat from a previous post:

Admittedly, there’s something quite amusing about the spectacle that Davos has become (Heisenberg aside: I still contend that the most amusing part about the entire summit is that CNBC inexplicably forces all of their reporters to work outside in the freezing cold as if the only way to prove they’re actually on site is to put them outdoors so you can see their breath against the frigid, snow-covered backdrop) but I’m sick to death of hearing the blogosphere whine about how the event is emblematic of everything that’s wrong with the world. Yeah, the world’s richest people got together, ate expensive food and talked about how to perpetuate a global system that disproportionately benefits them. So the hell what? It’s as if we don’t know that they do that every single day of the yearDavos is just a bigger version of a Manhattan luncheon that happens to be held at a ski resort in the Swiss Alps instead of Cipriani. 

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