Cartoon Break (Presidential Pet Edition)

Adapt or die...

From Ford’s decision to scrap plans for a new manufacturing plant in Mexico, to a war of words between the President-elect and General Motors, to high profile spats with Lockheed Martin and Boeing over perceived cost overruns, Donald Trump has proven that we truly do live in a 140-character world.

Thursday has proven no exception:

How investors should adapt to this new reality is an open question, but adapt they must. Intraday stock prices for individual companies are now subject to a new source of volatility: one man’s Twitter account. As if, in a world governed by hair trigger vacuum tubes, we needed another reason to suspect that flash crashes will become the norm rather than the exception.

Via Nate Beeler:



3 comments on “Cartoon Break (Presidential Pet Edition)

  1. There may have been a warning from prior tweets and thus this no real shock.
    Does this mean that Mexico has begun to pay for the wall?

  2. Curt Tyner

    Maybe that is the PLAN. The prez lets the bird fly tweet,tweet we all invest and problem solved. America is Great again.

  3. S. maltophilia

    The falcon will refuse to hear the falconer (I hold out hope).

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