Cartoon Break (Presidential Pet Edition)

From Ford’s decision to scrap plans for a new manufacturing plant in Mexico, to a war of words between the President-elect and General Motors, to high profile spats with Lockheed Martin and Boeing over perceived cost overruns, Donald Trump has proven that we truly do live in a 140-character world.

Thursday has proven no exception:

How investors should adapt to this new reality is an open question, but adapt they must. Intraday stock prices for individual companies are now subject to a new source of volatility: one man’s Twitter account. As if, in a world governed by hair trigger vacuum tubes, we needed another reason to suspect that flash crashes will become the norm rather than the exception.

Via Nate Beeler:



3 thoughts on “Cartoon Break (Presidential Pet Edition)

  1. There may have been a warning from prior tweets and thus this no real shock.
    Does this mean that Mexico has begun to pay for the wall?


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