Daily Kickstart (Ball Drop Edition)

Daily Kickstart (Ball Drop Edition)

Barring some kind of truly historic meltdown, the S&P is set to close the year with a gain of ~8% while the Dow is up some 10%. The impressive returns mark an epic rebound from the February lows. The year started on a decidedly sour note as fears of deflation and intensifying outflows from China shook investor confidence in January. Oil also had a banner year, posting its largest gain (~46%) since 2009 on the back of a subdued dollar (at least during the spring and summer) and the OPEC/no
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One thought on “Daily Kickstart (Ball Drop Edition)

  1. The ball has already dropped, margins, yields, elections past and coming, world protectionism, just to name a few. History is right there for all of us but who is paying attention? Politicians are busy doing their cover your ass thing or a ideology bent on a ( new world order ), and guess what? We don’t count. People wake up and cover your collective asses. Cashless control is moving at us like a freight train. India ,Australia, the US, everywhere you look. Buy a few bitcoin, a few OZ’s of silver or gold if you can afford them. Just a little hedge just in case. 2017 is going to probably be much tougher than 2016 with 2018 a potential “NIGHTMARE”. Hey I don’t want to scare you. I REALLY want to scare you. DEBT!!! It doesn’t go away it just is. What happens when you default on a loan? You get harassed and harassed until in the end somebody pays and it’s always you. This is what a trillion looks like 1,000,000,000,000. The world debt is estimated (depending who you believe) is between 150 to 250 TRILLION! Whose going to pay?? GUESS??

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