President Trump

Well, America has officially lost its mind. Donald Trump is the President elect.

We’ve Plaxico’d ourselves.



Futs have tanked…


…the peso is crashing…


…the Nikkei is puking…


…and Dow futures are down more than 400 points while gold is soaring…


6 comments on “President Trump

  1. zBelema says:

    Don’t ever bet against stupid. Brexit was the indicator

  2. wml789 says:

    The voters will get the government they deserve. As Churchill said ” the greatest argument against democracy, is having to spend 5 minutes with the AVERAGE voter”

  3. Simon Edmonds says:

    Ever since Truman dropped those two bombs on a defeated nation the US lost its moral compass, so what has changed?

  4. jim says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my!
    Now maybe we can go back to investing in response to economic valuations rather than manipulation and whether Obama is personally offended by a ruler disposing of drug dealers.

  5. D. Carte says:

    Plaxico shot himself in the leg. The lesson to be learned to avoid the same fate is watch, assess but do not invest in hyperbole. And once the hyperbole is done…move on.

  6. Brad Quamme says:

    Moral compass? Bet against stupid? An argument against democracy? No wonder the elites lost. I am a good capitalist, let me sell you a rope, at a profit of course. Isn’t this about making money?

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