Last Minute Election Commentary And Polling Stats

Last Minute Election Commentary And Polling Stats

Well, barring some kind of dramatic event, it does indeed look like the former First Lady is headed back to the White House thanks in no small part to FBI director James Comey's decision to end the investigation into Clinton's emails once and for all. And while we'll be deprived of many a hilarious press briefing and the possibility that a nuclear bomb will be dropped on Raqqa, we'll be able to sleep at 3 am knowing that the President is also sleeping - not tweeting insults at Saturday Night Li
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10 thoughts on “Last Minute Election Commentary And Polling Stats

  1. It’s your site, for sure. But the more you reveal political stripes, the less interested I am in reading your otherwise enlightening prose on markets. Just sayin’…

    1. It’s not a partisan issue. It’s a sane versus lunatic issue. If the GOP can figure out how to run a campaign that i) has a snowball’s chance in hell at winning, and ii) isn’t stark raving mad then I’d happily lean Republican

  2. I agree with J. As the sage advice from a media master “Johnny Carson” – when you take a political side, you immediately eliminate one half of your potential audience.

  3. There are so many similarities in the structure and posturing of this election compared to 2008 (social underdog vs. blue collar American great white hope), you have to wonder if the powers that be just decided do it all over again (because we are so predictable)
    – rather than come up with something new. I just wonder the $7B spent on this election cycle – would have produced if had been spent on something that actually solved some of our problems – rather than just the so obvious continuation of BAU.

  4. I think this is just an unwillingness to accept the obvious: the GOP candidate is nuts. It was very hard for the GOP itself to admit this, but finally, prominent Republicans refused to back Trump. Again, it’s not about Democrat or Republican, it’s about sane and insane. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want insane. I wish this race would have been Joe Biden versus Paul Ryan.

    By the way – and some will hate me for saying this – Elizabeth Warren would have mopped the floor with every Democrat and Republican. I think the party decided amongst themselves that Hillary deserved 4 years. That’s not to say that Warren’s policies are good, just that when it comes to debating, she will almost literally eviscerate opponents.

  5. With the aid of hindsight, reading the insightful commentary from Bloomberg and Citi puts a humorous touch to any political perspective. Talk about swallowing polling data hook, line and sinker. Again, these guys get paid for this stuff? Are their jobs threatened by unemployed pollsters? Perhaps they should stick to analyzing possible outcomes only and put their crystal balls in long term storage.

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