World’s Largest Container Operator Writes Global Trade Obituary

World’s Largest Container Operator Writes Global Trade Obituary

Way back in February, then-CEO of Maersk Group Nils Andersen described business conditions as "worse than 2008." Maersk Line - the largest container operator in the world - had just reported $182 million in red ink for the quarter and Andersen glumly forecast demand for seaborne container transportation rising just 1-3% for the year. On Wednesday, we got the latest batch of results from Maersk and it was anything but pretty. Here's WSJ with the rundown: Shares in A.P. Moeller-Maersk A/S fell
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4 thoughts on “World’s Largest Container Operator Writes Global Trade Obituary

  1. It used to amaze me to see coal barges pass each other in opposite directions on the Ohio River, good for business but inefficient. Global trade is much the same, in addition to being wasteful domestic jobs are killed in the name of making cheap products by low cost labor in a foreign country.

  2. It is not a simple-minded either/or question of globalization or de-globalization, it is a question of what pace globalization and for whose benefit.

    A palpable pause in the pace of globalization of two, five, ten, twenty, thirty years could quite well be beneficial to more people than it would be beneficial to a few people which is what we have experienced, for many badly, over the past twenty-five years or so.

  3. greed,Greed, GREED. Margins, yield,greed, keep the game going until there are what? No more fish predicted by 2050. Another BILLON people to fight over a shrinking amount of resources. All because a few want more WHAT? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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