Get Ready For “More Black Swan Events,” One Bank Warns

Get Ready For “More Black Swan Events,” One Bank Warns

About a week ago, President Obama showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live and delivered the second installment of presidential mean tweets. The last tweet Obama read was from Donald Trump. Here's the visual: Obama's response: "Well @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president." Hilarious no doubt and in a way, it felt like Obama had put the nail in the proverbial coffin for the Trump campaign which was still reeling from the release of a rather unfortunate audio clip wherein the billiona
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2 thoughts on “Get Ready For “More Black Swan Events,” One Bank Warns

  1. Four years of Trump and forty years of Clinton corruption? Pardon me while I rinse the taste of vomit from my mouth!

    Yesterday I was grocery shopping and just happened to glance at the latest cover of the National Enquirer. In summary: HRC is hooked on narcotics, she blackmailed the FBI to close the email probe (it was never closed), and see Part 2 of Hillary’s hit man tell-all expose. This is a mag that at 13-14 I would buy for a good laugh. I know the great orange one has quoted the NE for factual arguments but it’s not news. Same goes for many (all?) internet news sites. My point? Just because someone says something, even repeating it for 30-40 years, doesn’t make it true.

    As far as character is concerned, Grandma Hillary is a saint compared to Trump. Gotta run, have to feed the monkey-boy from outer space that I have caged in my basement.

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